Cool things I've worked on

My favourite projects from the last few years.

I’ve been lucky to work on some great projects at Assembly. My job now involves almost as much 3D art and animation as it does programming, which is exciting and terrifying – creative tasks really bring out my impostor syndrome.

Here are a few of the more noteworthy projects I’ve worked on over the last five years.

Most recently, we built and performed live visuals for Dimmer’s ‘I Believe You Are A Star’ 20th Anniversary tour. I built some real-time audio analysis visualisations and finger-drummed triggers for the pictures. Then I got covid and missed the final night.

We built the Spark 5G Street Museum, working with a bunch of cool NZ artists to make virtual artworks.

We made Isn’t It A Pity, a music video for a George Harrison song.

We made Voice of Racism for the NZ Human Rights Commission.

We built Oat the Goat, an animated kid’s story.

We made a call-to-arms for EECA’s Gen Less campaign, which was the first time I wrote new animation/simulation systems from scratch.

We lit up the Auckland Harbour Bridge – the largest canvas I’ve worked with.

Some of these wouldn’t have happened without me, others I barely deserve to have my name on, and ten years ago I wouldn’t have imagined being a part of any of them. I’m chuffed to have been a part of them all.