A List of Memories

July 2011

We sat on Lars and Lena's back porch in Sweden on the first day of Spring, enjoying the sun and drinking shots of some evil black liquor.

We listened to music and cooked dinner with Swedish Andreas and Argentinian Fernando in Norway.

I watched wonderful old black-and-white films with Roger and Jane in Scotland. (Films set in Scotland, even.)

I attended a Scottish folk-music concert in an abandoned paper mill in Penicuik, near Edinburgh.

We watched a waterfall go upwards off the edge of a cliff in Iceland.

We saw the same landscape covered in snow one day then uncovered and bare the next, in Norway and in Iceland.

I had a Guinness with a Spaniard in Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis.

I got terribly drunk with three Americans (one dressed as a cowboy), two Australians (dressed as war-painted Indians), a Frenchwoman, and a Spanish girl, at an impromptu dance-party in a caravan in Liverpool.

I stayed with two different cousins I hadn't seen for a decade, met cousin Helen's three children for the first time, and found a great friend in cousin Fiona.

I stayed in Aberdeen long enough to become a regular at the local cafe.

We danced until 7am in Seville.

Jody commented:

Sweet travel memoirs.