April 2011

I am in Scotland now, and I am spending most of my time doing physical kinds of work – gardening, repairs, DIY, that kind of thing. It's quite unusual for me to be physically engaged in things; in my usual work my body is a distraction, interrupting me at inconvenient moments with the need to eat or pee.

It's a nice change to be working with my body for once, rather than against it.

On the other side of things, a certain buzzing sensation has all but disappeared from my brain. I suspect that's largely to do with my vastly reduced Internet hours, and the fact that most of my energy is now powering underused muscles. But I suspect it's also something that the countryside does to me. (Or maybe the city does, and the countryside doesn't.)

I didn't realise the buzz was even there until it started to dissipate. My head feels a little quieter and calmer these days. I'm not sure that I'll be particularly willing to go back to the way things were, but I may not have much choice. Needs must.