Your Childhood is Racist

February 2011

In lieu of any real content, consider the racial overtones of your favourite childhood movies.

Persian Scar, Pure White Nala, Magical Negro Rafiki

Matt commented:

The problem with Rafiki is not that he is African – even though he's one of the few overtly African characters in this movie set in Africa – but that his character is the archetypal Magical Negro.

Persian Scar is pretty hard to justify, too, even for the sake of Grand Vizier shorthand.

KT commented:

I went to the musical in London. Rafiki was played by a large African woman, and she didn't have any lines in English, only in that tongue-clicking language, whatever it's called. It was pretty cool and pretty interesting.

What about the fact that Scar has a posh British gentlemen's accent? cf all the other lions being American.