Might Makes Right

October 2010

Tolstoy rejected the state (because it could only exist on the basis of physical force) and all institutions derived from it: the police, law courts, the army and the Russian Orthodox Church.
    — Tolstoy's Guiding Light

Aid agencies are used by governments as unwitting tools of oppression.

‘Terrorist’ is a meaningless label, just another way for a government to disempower (and disembowel) any resistance.

In our own country, workers' rights can be sold distressingly easily.

Our own government (and arguably all democratic governments) will get away with exactly as much as they can. Governance is a conflict between people and power, and power is never easily relinquished.

I'm not sure that I have a point here, but if I do, it's something like this: with the demise of ‘the company man’ and corporate loyalty, with BP's oil spills and Blackwater's mercenary murderings, with huge global injustices in the name of profits, we have realised that corporations are not our friends.

I think it's past time we realise the same is true of nations and their governments – even our own. Nations don't exist for us, they exist for power. And unlike corporations, nations have options beyond the exercise of cash.

I shall leave you to ponder this, from the video The Story of Your Enslavement (or the text transcript):

Human society cannot be rationally understood until it is seen for what it is: a series of farms where human farmers own human livestock.

Some people get confused because governments provide healthcare and water and education and roads, and thus imagine that there is some benevolence at work.

Nothing could be further from reality.

Farmers provide healthcare and irrigation and training to their livestock.

Some people get confused because we are allowed certain liberties, and thus imagine that our government protects our freedoms.

But farmers plant their crops a certain distance apart to increase their yields -- and will allow certain animals larger stalls or fields if it means they will produce more meat and milk.

In your country, your tax farm, your farmer grants you certain freedoms not because he cares about your liberties, but because he wants to increase his profits.

Are you beginning to see the nature of the cage you were born into?