Capital, capital

26 August 2010

The Story of Your Enslavement is a ten minute look at the illusion of freedom. It speaks of modern nation-states as farms for humans, designed to harvest our productivity in the same way a dairy farm harvests cow-milk. This is, I fear, all too accurate.

Iceland’s democracy is still paralysed while the bankers carry on exactly as they were before the crisis. Wall Street bonuses rose another seventeen percent last year—a slightly lower figure than the current effective unemployment rate in the US.

A democratic society, in theory, is one where every citizen has some sense of ownership and influence in their government. Yet every democracy in the world appears to be owned not by all citizens but by a wealthy political class, who are now themselves all but owned by corporate interests.

Corporate ownership of the political class is no real surprise when one looks at the figures involved. BP’s annual revenue (for example) is more than double the entire GDP of New Zealand. This should suggest a certain frightening imbalance of power, given that BP’s sole mandate is economic profit.

This is going to end badly.