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August 2010

I wish to make a few predictions about the end of the world. Coming soon.

  • Greece and Spain will self-destruct within a year, declaring bankruptcy and seeing widespread rioting. The already-brittle EU will barely survive the resultant cascade of economic failure. Oil will no longer be traded in Euros; it may well switch to the Yuan, if the US dollar continues to look a bad bet. France will have a meltdown over immigration and immigrant issues, declare immigrants 'non-citizens,' and swing fascist-right.

  • The US will limp along until around the next presidential election. At that point, whichever party finds itself in power, the country will find itself split in half, too polarized to function, as the states race for insolvency.

    If the Democrats remain in power we will see serious attempts at secession from the more extreme 'red states,' and a continued fall into economic paralysis as the government finds itself unwilling or unable to act decisively (not that it could do much anyway.) If the Republicans take power the federal government will cut taxes for the rich, and cut 'non-essential' services like education and police to make up the (further-increased) budget shortfall.

    The US will be sinking further and further into debt, devaluing its currency, and spending far more than it can afford on wars it will still be fighting. Rising oil prices will add further instability to the system.

  • China has probably another five years of economic superiority before the Communist Party loses control. (They're already planning for it.) We'll see a series of increasingly brutal conflicts between the People's Army and citizen groups, and eventually the Party will collapse and the elite flee. It remains to be seen what effect this will have on their relatively independent 'hyper-capitalist' commercial zone; my prediction is that oil prices will have the bigger impact. We may, however, see a backlash against the Party-sponsored wealthy, which could well shut down Chinese industry.

  • New Zealand will continue to vote right-wing in our national elections; a combination of misplaced disappointed in the US's current 'left' government, continued denial about the depth of the worldwide economic crisis, and an unwillingness to suffer the consequences of seriously addressing climate change and local social issues.

    Our rates of poverty and unemployment will continue to rise, our politicians and top-tier businessmen will continue to grow wealthier, and our social services will begin to fall apart for lack of funds.

Note that the above doesn't even need oil shortages or climate change. They're just icing on the imploding cake. Might be a good time to buy that farm.

KT commented:


Either that, or: bring it.

Henry commented:

Always had a fancy to re-enact some of my favourite scenes from Mad Max.. Problem is, there not a lot of desert in Aotearoa. Yet.