Women in the News

December 2009

First, this article, headlined “Women caught drink-driving overnight”

…although, as it turns out, it wasn't only women. In fact:

Police pulled over 7524 cars at checkpoints in Manukau and Papakura overnight. In total, 81 drivers would be making court appearances, facing charges of excessive breath alcohol. Thirty-two of those caught were women, Inspector Heather Wells said.

So, a little less than 40% of those caught were women. Perhaps a better headline would have been “More women than usual caught drink-driving, but still fewer than the number of men.” Although we don't even know that it's more than usual, as the only ‘stat’ is the less-than-useful “years ago, it was just men were dumb enough to drink drive, but this appears to be changing.”

Secondly, an unpleasant little dose of blame-the-victim in “Celeb sex victim ‘angry’ at name suppression”:

The girl [the victim of the attack], now 17, said she had been subjected to cruel and untrue stories about her reputation since the court case.


“Afterwards, the police rang me and said that the musician was offering $200 to go towards a charity,” she said.

“They suggested I should ‘have some compassion’. My dad went berserk about that.”

I just love that. “They suggested I should ‘have some compassion’.” You know, for the guy who shoved his junk in an unwilling 16-year-old girl's face. The dude just needs some love and understanding, people.

Jackson commented:

Wow, the police is so serious, overnight?

Great work.