This makes me angry

November 2009

Cop forced prostitute into sex:

Nathan Thorose Connolly, a former Christchurch policeman, is on trial for extorting free sex from a prostitute – on several occasions in the back of his patrol car. […]

He told her he could give her $1000-worth of fines for her unwarranted and unregistered car.

He did not fine her but rather took her in his marked police car to a cemetery in Belfast where they had sex.

In case that isn't bad enough by itself, there's this:

The defence would say that the complainant agreed to the sex and enjoyed it because it was "kinky" having sex with a policeman.

Connolly never said anything threatening and the prostitute never asked for money, Eaton said.

Because, you know, the threat of $1000 worth of fines hanging over your head is "kinky" rather than "blackmail." And oh, sorry, it can't be a threat because "he never said anything threatening." What the fuck.

jack commented:

Let me know if you score a pic of this rooster. Cheers Jack, bent cops and other scum.