Shadow Unit

September 2009

Shadow Unit is on the whole quite excellent. However, I must note a few egregious sins found within.

Hafidha was running some kind of mapping software on her center monitor. The screensaver was up on the left one. On the right Brady recognized a police incident report; icanhascheezburger.com was barely showing at the bottom edge.

Because that's not going to date badly. But we get it, you're hip.

Could that take the thrill out a steak and a baked potato? Yeah, it probably could. "Meal in a pill. I thought sci-fi geeks liked that."

Worth glared at him from under her bangs. "Says the only person I know who owns Pitch Black on DVD."

"Different kind of geek," he said blandly, to watch her blush.

Just… no, I got nothing. Pitch Black, huh? I'm pretty sure that would make him a sci-fi geek. I have no idea what's going on.

Chaz stood hip-shot against the rented SUV, his attention on the thin rectangle of polished metal and black glass in his hand.

Brady squinted at it through reflected sun. "Is that--"

"--an Adorable Overhyped Phone? Yes."

Okay, that's actually quite good for an inside joke.

Brady flicked Lau a glance of his own, as tightly packed as a .zip file.


Ah well, looks like I'm the target demographic, at least: nerd jokes, sci-fi references, iPhones and cat photos, check. But don't let that put you off.