Crisis and Hope

September 2009

Noam Chomsky, quoting The New Nation, on the response to food shortages in much of the (developing) world:

It’s very telling that trillions have already been spent to patch up leading world financial institutions, while out of the comparatively small sum of $12.3 billion pledged in Rome earlier this year, to offset the food crisis, only $1 billion has been delivered.[…]

… As The New Nation anticipated, the “devastating news” released by the World Food Programme barely even reached the level of “mere ‘news.’” In The New York Times, the WFP report of the reduction in the meager Western efforts to deal with this growing “human catastrophe” merited 150 words on page ten under “World Briefing.”

And on choice:

…if Americans a half century ago had been given the choice of directing their tax money to Pentagon programs to enable their grandchildren to have computers, iPods, the Internet, and so on, or putting it into developing a livable and sustainable socioeconomic order, they might have made the latter choice. But they had no choice.

(Both extracts from Noam Chomsky, Crisis and Hope)

Moustacheo man commented:

Right on, although I guess it is good to maintain some sort of economic order so that people have jobs and incomes, pay tax etc in order that there is money to send to those who don't. It does show a bit of a double standard though.