Dropping a Slipper

June 2009

I was sitting on the couch, waggling my foot idly, when my slipper fell off. My foot began to get cold, but I couldn't be bothered retrieving the slipper, as I was busy writing this post. Also, I was a little drunk, which may have affected my judgement, but also had the effect of lessening how cold my foot felt, as wine seems to have a way of warming my extremities.

I then debated whether or not to post this (because, let's be honest, it's pretty dumb,) but wine was affecting my judgement so I just published it anyway. MLIA.

Christina commented:

That site is fantastic :) I kind of love that you were like "oh, drunken post... yeah, what the hell, I'll post it". It's a weird/happy space that I am perhaps a little over-familiar with.

It is cold and I need food but I am typing and tired, and can't be arsed moving. MLIA.