Markov's Gun

May 2009

They already contain all the time she's finished with me. Everything else is a little less – I wasn't pretending to be truthful, and then climbed higher towards an open palm that I would be better characterised as one of my head.

The door opened. Titus halted near one of his efforts on my forehead. Her construction and launch could never be entirely reversed. To the trained eye, caught what I found it back into the tree. I don't know, of course, but part of an exotic bird. Another moment elapsed and he had never been weaker than now.

So, I've been working with Markov Chains this time, based on this implementation. It's generating prose that makes a little more sense than my clause-matching system, but is just a little less surprising.

KT commented:

you should totally read some of this at al's - keep ross company! plus some of it's kind of beautiful and intriguing.

Matt commented:

Yeah, but I don't want to steal his thing. Maybe I talk to him first.

KT commented:

i'm sure he'd be flattered if you said it was a project inspired by his artistic works