Warrior-Saint Redux

01 April 2009

Okay, last time, talked about the Warrior and the Saint in terms of power. Here’s a different way to look at them.

It could be put: the Warrior seeks glory, where the Saint seeks peace. Or: the Warrior is focused on this life, the Saint on the next.

The Warrior seeks to keep his ego (his self) intact and whole – even beyond death, by way of exploits and reputation and glory. The Saint seeks to relinquish his self, with an eye to the inevitable loss of self at death.

The Warrior battles against death, living large until the very last. The Saint accepts death, embracing it long before he needs to.

Strangely, the Warrior fights death by brushing against it every day, while the Saint accepts death by living peacefully out of its immediate reach.

The Warrior succeeds when he has gained everything, the Saint when he has nothing left to lose.

I remain conflicted, but I still find myself leaning the way of the Warrior.