April 2009

./query.py 5:

In the centre stood an immense table, and she could not walk. She was at home. The observers could not take their eyes from this novel spectacle, where the shining ones stretch out their hands to welcome poor Christian as he comes up from the river.

./query.py 5:

How the worse difficulty over? He was going, who was come out to feed the pheasants, congratulation, and then reached the Northern Seas.

./query.py 5:

Of Captain Nemo I saw nothing whatever now, if it had been, at whatever distance. But though I jerked and struggled, something aroused me.

Work progresses.

Nato commented:

could you add something in to make the sentences make more sense / be more continuous? some sort of subject matching system, where the next phrase is more likely to be selected if it contains a similar topic? (though if the weighting on this was too high you'd just end up with phrases from one book)