March 2009

Jody commented:

Somebody's pretty angry!

Nato commented:

I found the first couple quite funny, then it kinda got a bit boring? And there were a few questions that don't present a serious challenge to Christianity: e.g. the saint who said that a Christian's joy is to watch non-Christian agony. Obviously not what Christians believe... And if people believe the bible is inerrant, they'll believe that God inspired it, so people would know stuff that they hadn't observed. And Jesus explaining epilepsy as demons could just be a product of him realizing people of that day wouldn't be able to understand neuroanatomy. Not saying there weren't good points, it's just those examples diluted the good points.

KT commented:

Ha, yeah, I'm spotting a certain bias there... Multichoice is cheating. Some of those questions could be answered satisfactorily, but it would take more than a single sarcastic sentence.

Any idea where he's getting the idea that Jesus 'wants you to castrate yourself to ensure arrival in heaven'?

Fraser commented:

Something about cutting off offending parts - better to enter Heaven maimed than Hell whole - might have been in the sermon about plucking out eyes and such.