February 2009

It occurs to me that my living is described quite well by the phrase 'a little.' I work a little. I spend a little. I drink a little. I exercise a little. I exercise my vices a little. I eat and sleep a little too much. I get a little disillusioned, but then I'll get a little passionate about something, for a little while. Then I'll get a little bored.

On the other hand, I, uh, talk quite a lot.

Fraser commented:

You got to give a little Take a little And let your poor heart Break a little That's the story of That's the glory of love

Everything in moderation, eh. As long as it's all 'a little', you're probably fairly well-adjusted.

Matt commented:

Although there's also "…everything in moderation. But that includes moderation."

Jody commented:

And there's also: "Where the hell is yoga on this list?"

KT commented:

The title. It is good. I am drawing attention to it.

Christina commented:

Anyone else noticed how none of the titles of blog posts are actually visible on the main page? So it gets quite confusing when, in real life, Matt says things like "Did you read my Insert Title Here post?" and you say "no" because you can't remember seeing anything vaguely like that, or have no idea which one he means, because you can't tell them apart. (Well, apart from their content, obviously...)

Back in the land of On Topic: you're going hobo-ing this year, right? That's a lot. As in, it will not be a half-measure. It will be one thing, all the time, and... contain the property of being very Thing-ish.

I think doing 'a little' comes with being human and wanting to do lots of things at the same time but being unable to. Like, I get home from work and I simultaneously want to go for a walk, read a book, proofread someone else's book, write a blog post, talk to my flatmates and draw. Due to physics and time and other frustrating things, I can really only do one (or maybe 2) at the same time. So instead of doing all of the above, I end up only doing some of them, or little bits and pieces here and there. I could devote myself to one, and kick arse at it, or I could do them all, in little chunks and be a person who does 'a little' but is more diverse.

Mmm, long post. No more Guinness for me. Unless it's so I can watch your Massey Fergusson go. And yes, I know this is the best post ever for making puns on the phrase 'a little' and my height.

Matt commented:

Christina: there are two types of posts; 'quick' ones with no home-page titles, and normal ones. Either way, titles appear on all individual posts' pages (such as this one.)

Matt commented:

…you’re going hobo-ing this year, right? That’s a lot. As in, it will not be a half-measure. It will be one thing, all the time, and… contain the property of being very Thing-ish.

Well, I dunno. I mean, I'm trying to arrange it to be, like, a week of hobo-ing followed by a week of working, then another hobo-week, and so on…

My intention is to make it sustainable, which means keeping the work going throughout, which necessitates the hobo-ing not being all-consuming. So, really, even my hobo-plans become ‘ちょっと.’