January 2009

Some things are more important than others.
Some things demand more attention than others.
Some things leave a greater impression than others.
Some things carry more truth, and meaning, and beauty, than other things.

Once you've experienced truly significant things, unimportant things don't really hold your attention.

Unfortunately, "unimportant" things are often the things that keep you alive, and housed, and fed. All those mundane but necessary things.

This is, as theologians would say, "a tension."

Fraser commented:

I dunno... I imagine vege gardening, berry gathering, gazelle...huntering...log cabin building, could be as profound as you wanted them to be. I suspect the problem with 'normal' work is that it has little connection to the immediacies of living and eating and not getting pneumonia. I think I had a bit much free champagne just now.