Conscious Violence

13 January 2009

This world and our living circumstances are such that much of the violence is done for us, on our behalf, but out of our sight and out of our awareness. Violence is performed to the point where no one knows whether it is justifiable or unjustifiable.

We have lost the intimate connection with the violence we commit, such that we’re no longer able to differentiate justifiable and unjustifiable violence wisely.

The certainty is that there will be violence and that the only way to have any say in it is to take responsibility for the violence that you do commit. And to learn to commit said violence with more consciousness, and thereby to redeem a bit of the karma for having committed it. And to do it in a way that doesn’t cause as much injury.

The Edge of Grace » Violence: A Moral Theory

‘…anyone who wants to eat meat should have to kill it themselves…’