Chi Chi Chi

January 2009

Of course, there is little, if any adult entertainment currently on the market that reflects these values and would be a good choice for Christians. That leads us to call for a new kind of porn – porn that upholds the Christian ethos. Christ-centered porn, made to be viewed by Christians and tailored to their unique needs.

A Proposal for a Christian Pornography (via Trivium)

KT commented:

That was...kind of surreal to read. As was the threesome article linked at the end. Cool that they're discussing these things, but the curious mixture of liberalism ('it's all good if it's done with love' etc) with gender stereotypes that feel completely outdated in the context - the whole tone takes a bit of getting used to. e.g. threesomes can be a good idea, but if you're a woman you should ask your father first -?!

Nato commented:

I suspect it's mostly tongue in cheek...

KT commented:

That was what I honestly couldn't tell.