Refer to Self

December 2008

This is the first sentence of a new paragraph in a self-referential story. This sentence is introducing you to the protagonist of the story, a young boy named Billy. This sentence is telling you that Billy is blond and blue-eyed and American and twelve years old and strangling his mother. This sentence comments on the awkward nature of the self-referential narrative form while recognizing the strange and playful detachment it affords the writer.

A Self-Referential Story

KT commented:

...WOW. I laugh-out-louded. Lots. Under my breath. At work. Fragments, sorry.

Favourite: This sentence in addition points out the obvious analogy between the plight of these agonizingly self-aware sentences and similarly afflicted human beings, and it points out the analogous paralyzing effects wrought by excessive and tortured self- examination.

Ross Falconer commented:

That is brilliant.

It reminds me of self-referential words, such as, "pentasyllabic", "noun", "short" and "awkwardnessful".

Christina commented:

I loved it :)

Ha, Ross, I think I will yoink "awkwardnessful" and try and use it in a conversation sometime.