Driving is like walking

November 2008

With a car, I'm comfortable physically but not mentally. Driving is like walking, except you weigh 3000 pounds, you're six feet wide, you're forced to go insanely fast all the time among other car-people who often shout abuse at you, and if you so much as bump into one of them, you have to spend many hours on paperwork and phone calls and ultimately pay hundreds of dollars.

Ran Prieur

Fraser commented:

Driving is scary - I'm enjoying taking the bus and walking. Also, have you considered writing a script to re-publish an excerpt of each of Ran's posts on your site? :P

KT commented:

Well, personally I really enjoy driving, as an activity (though not as much as walking). It's fun. Just don't like what it does to my conscience. Biking is way scarier. But still not that scary.

Matt commented:

Biking, there's far less at stake. Just me. Driving, and suddenly it's way to easy to be very very destructive of other things, and often those other things are people.

I can't find it now, but I once came across a saying to the effect of (totally bastardised):

One day we'll look back on the era of the motor car with amazement that so much danger and damage was tolerated.

We'll also look back on that same era with amazement that we could all travel so efficiently and effortlessly.

I think I feel that contradiction more, these days.