Really None of My Business

September 2008

Oh Christ, when you're ready to come back
I think I'm ready for you to come back
But if you want to stay wherever exactly it is you are
That's okay too –
It's really none of my business

And if I didn't have you as my guide
I'd still be wandering lost in Sinai
Or down by the tracks
Watching trains go by to remind me:
There are places that aren't here
I had a well but all the water left
So I'll ask for your forgiveness
With every breath
If there was no way into God
I would never have laid in this grave of a body
So long, dear.

— mewithoutYou, ‘Carousels’

KT commented:

The bit about trains reminded me of this Ginsberg poem:


I thought it was a fairlly meaningless connection to have made, but then on the songmeanings site someone said that Aaron actually quotes Jack Kerouac elsewhere in the song:

"and it read like a horn blown by some sad angel" (aaron) "across the evening valley the old mule went with his heartbroken 'hee haw' broken like a yodel in the wind: like a horn blown by some terribly sad angel: ..." (kerouac)

So maybe it's not unintentional. Which is cool.

I heart wordsmiths.