September 2008

Things that are no longer part of my life:

  • Meat
  • A car
  • A bed
  • Any furniture in my bedroom
  • Gears and a freewheel on my bicycle (brakes to follow)
  • Other people owning my weekdays
  • Sleeping from 2am until 11am every morning

I don't really miss any of these, either. What next?

Fraser commented:

The Ladies OH WAIT

Nato commented:

oh wait... 'no longer' doesn't apply to ladies, because he never had them as part of his life in the first place? :P

Christina commented:

Unless you count his Mum? Good times :D

that chicḴ who seems Ṯo comment on, like, every post commented:

just wanted to say, i greatly appreciate the title and the url thingy (if that is the correct term for what i mean). which i have just noticed. yep.

Tim Bulkeley commented:

You don't miss a bed?!

Am I missing something?

Matt commented:

I have a very (very) small bedroom; to better use the space I have, I swapped my bed for a thin foam mattress which I'm able to roll up during the day, and which can fit along a side of my room which a bed wouldn't.

A real bed definitely still has a certain appeal, but I've found it a reasonable trade-off so far.

Jody commented:

You're my hero, apart from the bicycle part...

Tim Bulkeley commented:

If you'd like to try with similar bed but on a sprung bamboo floor (except you'd have to bring your own foam) I'm getting a team together to go do stuff with some Karen people on the Thai/Burma border in July you'd have to find the airfare from somewhere, and a small amount to cover other costs, but the experience of living among these people is deeply moving!