Enjoy the Unspectacle

August 2008

Six Unspectacular Quirks:

  • Clothes are clean enough to wear if they don't particularly smell when I pick them up off my floor.

  • I eat too much junk food. Like, waaay too much. Occasionally I eat my entire daily recommended calorie allowance in potato chips.

  • I watch a lot (really, quite a bit) of anime.

  • Sometimes I pick movies based solely on the number of warnings on the rating label. Nine times out of ten they're complete crap. Related: sometimes I watch movies with my finger on the 16x-scan-forward button.

  • Most of my crazy-alternative lifestyle choices are just because I got sick of something. Getting rid of my bed? Sick of no space in my bedroom. Losing the car? Sick of paying maintenance and insurance for something I hardly used.

  • Sometimes I do slightly OCD-like things. If given the chance, I will spend far too much time rearranging small items by various different taxonomies, like colour, size or shape. I also like to pick aesthetically-pleasing paths across paved (tiled) or cracked areas, which sometimes looks like I'm doing a little dance. However, I can stop anytime I want. And I only get a little irritated when people mess up my pleasing arrangements.

Greg commented:

I have to say I find #5 a slightly disappointing revelation, but good on you for being honest!

Matt commented:

Well, I probably overstated the case a little there, and it doesn't apply to everything. I guess my point was that, while I do have moral and ethical reasons for these choices, there are also some fairly mundane practical reasons I've made and stuck to them. Also, I think the mundane reasons are an important part of my ability to maintain these things – pragmatism gets me through spots where self-discipline sometimes runs a little low.