July 2008

Name three under-rated things.

  1. Human consciousness — that there is “something, not nothing” (Schelling)
  2. The beauty of everyday sense perception
  3. The power of individual acts of compassion

Bill Richards

Nato commented:

My three:

  1. Flight,
  2. Biology, but specifically physics producing machinery able to sustain complex ecosystems, and consciousness
  3. Intimate Relationships.

To a limited extent I understand these, at least I know the basic principles behind them, but they still astound and surprise me.

Jim Bier commented:

  1. The complexities and intricacies of life on a cellular level, and chemistry/ physics on a molecular level
  2. The ability to hold two (or more) ideas in opposition/tandem/combination
  3. Stavesacre's "Speakeasy"