Food for Thought

July 2008

…her campaign for “edible schoolyards”—where children work with instructors to grow, prepare, and eat fresh produce…

Her dream of organic, locally and sustainably produced food in every school cafeteria, class credit for lunch hour, and required gardening time and cooking classes is as utopian as they come.

Food for Thought

Sounds pretty damn cool to me.

kelly commented:

This is kind of almost in mainstream public health doings too. CPH have people working fulltime on getting edible gardens into schools and preschools and they're collaborating with Organic Garden City Christchurch, so it's all organic. Some of them are being linked in to education for kids and/or parents on how to use the produce to make healthy meals.

There is also a lot of talk about how to get kids into physical activity if they hate PE with a vengeance like I did - there's a lot of recognition that the focus on team sports is putting a lot of people off who just aren't geared that way, so there's a lot of talk about alternative forms of exercise, including gentle exercise like gardening as part of the PE/health syllabus.

I'm not sure how far this has made it into formal government policy yet, but public health and education academics and practitioners have been going on about it for ages, places like the UK are rolling it out with good results, and the ideas are definitely being tossed around in relevant sectors and are definitely making it to government, esp with obesity academic stuff and changes to school curriculums being very topical issues.