Compressed-Air Cars

June 2008

KT commented:

As a non-engineer I have no idea if this is a good question or not, but what kind of energy would they use to compress all that air?

Christina commented:

That sounds amazing. It also sounds like there will be massive-as fights for those when they come out on the market, seeing as they'll only be producing 3,000 a year.

Jim commented:

haha, yeah, does sound jsut like your sort of thing matt... "with voice recognition, internet connectivity, GSM telephone connectivity, a GPS guidance system, fleet management systems, emergency systems, and of course every form of digital entertainment."

I wonder what ambient temperature is required, given that it uses that to reheat the compressed air- would they work in our winter?, or only hot places like india

Matt commented:

KT: apparently they come with a portable air compressor which will allow you to refill your tank with about 4 hours plugged into a 220V wall socket. So, electricity, but potentially not too much. Filling stations will have more efficient ways of compressing air (or at least bigger compressors.)

Jim: good question. How cold would the compressed air in the tanks be? What temperature difference would be needed between the tanks and ambient?