Cats and Dogs

June 2008

There are two basic roles in a human dominance hierarchy. The roles are not "dominance" and "submission", at least not precisely. To avoid the baggage those words hold, I'll instead use an animal metaphor…

Cats and Dogs

KaT commented:

I are dog. So very very dog. The doggiest dog in all the land. (see how I responded to the options presented to me there?)

Christina commented:

I am mostly doggish, but end up being a cat because most of my friends are dogs and if I wasn't cat-like we would spend weekends sitting round on couches going "what are we going to do?"

Oh, wait.

Yeah, I hate being a cat. Maybe I should just learn to be manipulative I mean persuasive in dog form :P

Tim commented:


Except that on a personality thingie the kids brought home from school I was a Golden Retriever... perhaps they are looking at different aspects of caty and doggyness...

Matt commented:

I am still trying to figure this out. It's wigging me out, because I can't work out which I am.

I think I'm a lazy, unmotivated cat. With doggish tendencies. Maybe.

Fraser commented:

You just a dawg, beeyatch!