Town of the Suture

May 2008

Hamilton represents the high-tide mark of Western Industrial Civilization.

Nandor Tanczos at Canterbury Uni today.

Aeonsim commented:

Did he give any particular reason for this piece of "wisdom"?

brehaut commented:

I'm sure its a really deep and culturally important statement for him to have made, but i don't have clue what he means by that.

Matt commented:

It was a quote from someone else, and I think it was also a joke. Something like ‘it's all downhill from here.’

Christina commented:

Well, I've heard Hamilton is hilly... :P

brehaut commented:

Hamilton has bad drivers. That is all

KT commented:

I think it was something along the lines of: western civilization was trundling along quite nicely until [some date that somebody's singled out as the point when the tide turned towards decadence], which just happened to be the same time Hamilton was founded. Or something like that. I may have heard it wrong.

Fraser commented:

Ok. Just from the quote, I assumed he was alluding that Hamilton is a sort of accumulation of cultural flotsam-and-jetsam, a place where the detritus of Western Industrial Civilization washes up. Like boyracers and takeaways and stuff. Not having been there, I can't say either way.

Jim commented:

I assumed it meant that that's where the water will get up to at high tide after global warming/ climate change makes the oceans rise.