Sorry, everybody

May 2008

The internet is boring today, so I haven't found anything interesting to post. The best thing I've found so far is a paper on how π should actually have been defined as 6.28, not 3.14, because then (a) we wouldn't have ‘2π’ junking up all our maths unnecessarily and (b) a circle would be exactly π radians around, which would make maths better for everyone.

Anyway. Hopefully the internet will send me some better stuff tomorrow. In the meantime, feel free to post any links you have lying around. Thanks.

Matt commented:

Linking tip: type [a link](http://example.com/) to make a link.

Jody commented:

There is no excuse to accuse the internet of being boring as long as youtube exists. This clip makes me grin every single time I see it. I have started practicing my own moves (with running shorts, which are safer for beginners than jeans).

a link

KT commented:

Try these:
(now to find out if I've understood this linking thing...)