Indigo Children

May 2008

Aeonsim commented:

WTF? They've spotted that children with highish IQ's are focused, work well, enjoy computers and aren't the most social or blindly accepting. Then labeled them Indigo, utilized the usual belief of parents that "My Child is amazing/special". Then to top it all up they've tossed in the usual mix of Russian belief in the supernatural/mystical with ESP and added some pseudoscience to try and explain "it". Failing to realise, that hey actually bright kids have always been born, it's just traditionally been hard to recognize them in poverty level/peasant families or under regimes that restrict and try to eliminate individual differences.

KT commented:

Heh. A new race would be handy. Guess we should watch the papers for monolith sightings :P

Christina commented:

Heh heh heh - X-Men, anyone? :D

Nato commented:

I say we should be careful about these newcomers. I propose all 'indigo children' are registered in a multinational database, so that we may be aware of the powers of such individuals, and can assess what threat they pose to us.

brehaut commented:

Heh, its amusing to contrast KTs and Christina's comments :)

KT commented:

Brehaut: How so? apart from the fact that we seem to have posted at the same time.

Matt commented:

KT: I'm gonna say, because you referenced 2001, while Christina jumped to X-Men. Slightly differing levels of geek-pretension ;-).

brehaut commented:

Matt is quite correct :)

Christina commented:

Me = pretension fail :P