v3 release party

April 2008

Welcome to problemattic.net v3; the ‘This is Problemattic’ edition. (I'm pretty sure the previous version was around 2.5.) Yell if there's anything going terribly wrong.

Tim commented:

Man you should of told me you could design sites.. you just made me redundant. Nice work.

Christina commented:

Very slick and minimalistic, I love it. In fact, I'm almost drooling over it. (Just thought you'd like to know that :P )

Fraser commented:

Excellent value tree photo, that.

Matt commented:

Would you believe, I was going to retire it finally, but Brehaut suggested/mocked-up what you currently see, and I decided I liked it.

Brehaut commented:

This was a triumph. Making a note here --- huge success

Aeonsim commented:

Love it, but going to take a bit of getting used to with the text so far right. The background Image is brilliant!

kelly commented:

I have long been thinking that I want a blog with trees on it. Congratulations. You have style.