The Gilded Cage is real

April 2008

I honestly don’t mind the squalor, though. All it takes is seeing your friend throw a hissy fit because the TiVo is full or because you didn’t use a coaster on her Danish coffee table to realize that the gilded cage is real and that once you’re in it, you’re ruined for life. And besides, living in this place means that I can not work for months at a time and I’ll be fine. I can’t overstate the calming and liberating effect this fact has upon my day-to-day work life. It means that when most people are all but fellating their supervisor in hopes of that 2 percent annual raise, I can say and do whatever I want without having to self-censure or compromise.

 — Doing More With Less

Fraser commented:

Wow, the US welfare system sounds messed-up. And this Franklin Schneider guy sounds like an arsehole.

Aeonsim commented:

Yeah having read that article, the US system seems screwed up, and the chap who wrote it seems to be greatly enjoying playing the system because he can, rather than because he needs to.

Christina commented:

Having kids is "irreversably fucking up your life"? I do find it interesting how vitriolic he is towards those who don't do what he does, and how he sneers at them for their inferior reasons for going to work: paying off debt? what a joke. Supporting kids? Idiots.

He's clearly both single (nothing or no one else to worry about) and completely unsympathetic to other human beings. Yeah, the system is messed up. I'm pretty appalled that his boss asked him to work on his holiday (although my previous boss - an American - used to do work when she was on holiday too, which scared me). Yeah, people are obviously hugely influenced by fear, other people's expectations, and not knowing how else to live.

Wouldn't it be more productive to help them rather than pointing and laughing? Just sayin' ;)

Matt commented:

Okay, I obviously read the article as a bit more tongue-in-cheek than you guys; I thought it was all pretty funny. Also very Fight Club. His life sounds not bad to me, although I think I'll keep working for now.

KT commented:

Hehe, well I enjoyed it :) he does sound like a bit of a dick and his logic is flawed, but he's right about a lot of things too, like the bit you quoted.