April 2008

It turns out my family don't emphasise the 'ra' in 'dramatic' either. It's just me.

Christina commented:


Just think of it as a foible. Apparently I say "renember" instead of "remember"

Ruth commented:

The speech language therapist requires further information. Thanks :)

Matt commented:

Most people (and the dictionary) say drəˈmatik (drimmATTic). I say ˈdrämatik (drAHmatik) (as in drama.) I thought this was a family thing—I've picked up a few random Australianisms from Mum, and I thought ‘dramatic’ was one of these—but none of my family have this particular quirk of enunciation. Odd. I've been hassled in both Auckland and Christchurch about this, too, so it doesn't seem to be a regional difference.

Ruth commented:

Ah ok :)