Words to avoid mixing up

March 2008

Words to avoid mixing up:

Ovation and ovulation. For instance, “they gave him a standing ovulation.”

IDIEEASY commented:

simulator and stimulator, as was once heard in our household "I was playing flight stimulator".

era commented:

sympathize and synthesize, ie 'Wasn't he a nazi sythesizer?'

antidote and anecdote, ie 'Quick, give him the anecdote to save his life.'

Jody commented:

vegan and freegan - you might get fed something manky the chef pulls out of a bin.

Brehaut commented:

deprecate and depreciate – simply because it annoys me when people ‘depreciate' APIs.

Christina commented:

specific and pacific. Because precision/speciality and peace/a giant ocean are really not the same thing.

Brehaut commented:

masticate and well, im sure you can work it out – Oh dear. really?!

KT commented:

immorality and immortality - always fun :)

Christina commented:

Conjugate and conjugal, e.g "conjugating in the hall". Actually a lot of fun, that one :)

Ross commented:

attorney and eternity, e.g. when you ask your lawyer at what point power of eternity kicks in.

Greg commented:

'Rouse' and 'arouse', ie to someone sleeping the day away... 'Arouse yourself!'

Christina commented:

Castigate and castrate. I'll leave you to think of the example sentence yourselves :)