A number of attempts to express an idea

March 2008

(I had an epiphany last night, but it was in a dream, and is proving a lot harder to express in the daylight, and outside of my mind.)

Action is just a name for that which moves us from one state of being to another. There is no such thing as action, there is only the change of being.

Being, not Doing
That is the path to the sacred

Doing is an abstraction;
A view of Being through the restricted lens of time.

Being in each moment results in action.
Action flows through Being as effortlessly as water in a stream.
The stream does not move,
Yet there is constant movement.

If one were to focus fully on Being in each moment, with no thought spared for Doing, one's actions would become effortless, flowing, simply an expression of transitions in one's state of Being.

Can actions be things? How can they be? They exist only as changes in another thing. But Being – that is its own thing in every moment.

In the moment, I focused only on Being. I was mindful of my surroundings, my self, my inner thoughts. I did not act, choosing only to be fully present and aware in each moment.

Yet I found myself moving. I responded to each moment as if it were a brand new situation, and I were a brand new person. I acted as if nothing had come before, and nothing would come after; there was only now.

And I found my actions to be in tune with everything around me; I found plans and expectations unnecessary, irrelevant; simply Being in each moment was enough to maintain harmony with all around me. I had found the path of the sacred.

Nato commented:

Sounds very taoish?

[which would explain why you're having difficulty expressing it - because if you really know the tao, you can't really communicate the tao. It just is. I think.]

Brehaut commented:

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era commented:

Being is just what our minds create when we consider what there would be if change stopped, but change doesn't stop and it is all there really is. However I will admit, speculative metaphysical nonsense is fun.

Matt commented:

Nato: I suspect the Tao has had some influence on me over time, and the verse section above is very much inspired by it.

Era: you're probably right; in a sense we are the cumulative results of our past actions. But I do find the being/doing dichotomy an interesting one, and I felt the need to express the Being side more thoroughly.