February 2008

I don't intend to belittle the tragedy at all, but another campus shooting in the States has got to be a symptom of something. One? Maybe a freak occurrence. Two? Could just be copycats, or coincidence. The number of seemingly-random, public mass-killings since Columbine? It has to be considered a pattern. The only question is: if that's a symptom, what lies underneath it? (I missed it at first, but the above article says that this was the fourth shooting at an American school within a single week. Holy crap.)

Michael commented:

Have you heard of happy slapping? Although not as deadly it's on a larger scale and seems to be the same age group in a slightly different situation.. Even scarier is that it's supposedly for entertainment..

Greg commented:

The thing I don't get is how did american culture- which begat fast food, coca cola and school shootings- also gave us Americans, an inordinate number of whom just seem to be genuinely really great people.

Greg commented:

Also, go Obama.

Christina commented:

The thing that rings alarm bells for me with the recent one is the fact the guy didn't 'fit the profile', was clued up on criminology and seemed to have planned the attack (or at least the weaponry) months in advance, making it pre-meditated and creepy. I mean, was the guy just doing it to see what it felt like?

Despite the fact it's so horrific, it seems that shootings like this are becoming accepted as 'something that just happens' as they occur more often, to the point of being normalised. Perhaps people who are feeling desperate (or curious, or whatever), think that it is an avenue or a way of redressing their problems, and feel totally within their rights to use that method because it's already been done so many times. It's almost like suicide bombing turned in on itself, really.