Some of the things I did this year

January 2008

Some of the things I did this year:

  • Wrote a 50,000 word (~170 pages) novel
  • Rode my bike 160km in two days, from Geraldine (near Timaru) to Christchurch via Rakaia Gorge.
  • Rode up the Port Hills, past Sign of the Kiwi and on to the summit, then took trails down. More than once.
  • Got rid of my car. Temporarily at first, then completely.
  • Ditched some of my unnecessary stuff. It still piles up, but I think I'm gaining ground on it.
  • Fell off my skateboard on two of the three occasions I used it. I still have scraped knuckles and a scratched ipod to show for it.

Jody commented:

It's a good list my little friend. I am very inspired by your epic bike journey. And getting rid of your car. I would like to try that this year. Also ditching stuff. I am not so interested in the skateboarding. (So it's not a case of wishful identity theft.) Anyway, you are admirable and will no doubt keep being so in 2008.