Everything I own

December 2007

Everything I own:

back in my apartment we zip into my computer my ipod my stereo my cell phone my camera my camcorder my clock radio through sweat shops and factories and over ships and planes through smoke and fire and dirty water dead forests belching smokestacks tired people enslaved and alone and abused and sick and getting sicker we dive into my lotions my sunscreen my bug repellent my toothpaste into my cleaning supplies my pesticides my pharmaceuticals my shampoo my clothes my pillow zipping around the planet from forests to rivers to mountains to lakes to the bodies of animals stuck in cages we dive into my walls my floors my ceilings my furniture my rugs my windows my kitchen sink we dive and zip and explore and see and hear and smell and tast everything I own everything I have everything I use has a dead body at the other end a dead piece of land a dead lake a dead baby a soul in slavery and pain

— Tim Bennett, The Trials of Todd, Part 1 (emphasis mine.)

I also found myself quite affected by I Don't Know.

KT commented:


And quite poetic in a haunting and ungrammatical sort of way.