I have signed up for NaNoWriMo

October 2007

I have signed up for NaNoWriMo. If you also feel like writing a 50,000 word novel in 31 days (in competition with thousands of others) you should sign up too (and let me know.) I have no idea how I will fare; 50,000 is a large number. But it should be fun. And hey, not as if I have anything better to do with my time, right?

KT commented:

Wow, cool! That may be just the kick-start I need to overcome my tendency to never start anything unless I'm sure it's going to be perfect... I shall sign up tonight.

(Unfortunate: November is exam month. Fortunate: I have ceased to greatly care about my studies.)

Fraser commented:

Man, I'm having enough trouble writint a 3000 word story by Thursday.

Christina commented:

Yeah, my assignments are painful enough. 50,000???? That's a master's thesis! Wowsers. Good luck you two :)

Christina commented:

Actually, I will so consider that for next year. Especially seeing the line about the party that "frightens animals and small children"

Nato commented:

I could be conned into doing it. I assume we'd have some sort of writing party on the 30th, where we all put the finishing touches on our novels?

Matt commented:

I think the idea is that there are regular meetups and writing parties with all the local NaNoWriMoers throughout November (there's a bunch of stuff in the forums) but yeah, definitely a writing party at the end. Assuming, of course, that we all make it to 50,000.

Fraser commented:

Which nation is it?

IDIEEASY commented:

It would be fun to use a wiki to write the book. I mean, whats better than a 50000 word book written in 30 days? A 50000 word book written by lots of people in 30 days! Guaranteed to not make any sense!

KT commented:

Crap, yeah, just realised that's like writing 3 4,000 word essays every week. I probably will not succeed. And what I produce will probably all kinds of suck. Might give it a try in any case :)

Matt commented:

I wouldn't worry too much… the idea is entirely quantity over quality, and if you end up with anything better than a first draft you're doing it entirely wrong. Also, fictional prose is a lot easier than essays. I can write about a thousand words in an hour.

See also Dirty ways to reach 50,000. Just don't waste a story you care about. I'm planning to write a ridiculous Indiana Jones-style pulp adventure.

Michael commented:

I'll turn your face into a pulp adventure....

Brehaut commented:

5 Key ingredients for pulp: