October 2007

Worriesome: I wonder if this is causing half of Africa's problems. Not the lateness itself, but the pressure to conform to "White Man's" standards. Seems to me that if you have a culture with a relaxed attitude to time and efficiency and appointments, that culture could be a relatively pleasant place to live.

Also, computer hard disks are pretty amazing:

A computer hard-disk reader that uses a GMR sensor is equivalent to a jet flying at a speed of 30,000 kmph, at a height of just one metre above the ground, and yet being able to see and catalogue every single blade of grass it passes over.


Nato commented:

Could we have the relaxed attitude of the Africans, with the punctuality of the White people? That'd be a nice exchange right?

Christina commented:

I suspect the two don't gel (knowing what I know of both groups and the fact that they're a bit mutually exclusive). It would be pretty awesome, though.

Fraser commented:

I'm just glad I don't work with 'Mr. White Man's Time'.

"I was not surprised to be nominated because I am always harassing my colleagues to be punctual...Time is money and we know that it must be costing us if we are late."