Dr Quantum visits Flatland

September 2007

Dr Quantum visits Flatland. And at Wikipedia. The whole extra-dimensions thing messes with my mind something wicked, but the Flatland idea helps.

(Update: Fixed b0rken link.)

Nato commented:

you link seems to be bung.

Matt commented:

My bad... fixed now.

Kelly commented:

I like this one better.

Sorry, don't know how to link :) If it doesn't work, go to www.sciencehack.com + search 'string theory', then watch the one called 'The Tenth Dimension'

[Ed: Linked for you]

Nato commented:

In my opinion, the science hack video only really creates an extra three dimensions: 3 space (what we have now), 1 time, 1 alternate time, and 1 folding between these times. The whole thing with the alternate big bangs doesn't add any extra dimensions, as we've already got alternatives established by the alternate time dimension, which has to run forwards and backwards, so should apply to all possible starting states and all possible continuations of it.

The whole alternative time thing also just rubs me up the wrong way. Sounds like they've put too much fi with their sci.

If I were to do something on it, I'd just stick with the idea of folding. So I'd start by folding space, then folding that, then folding the folded space, etcetera. You probably can't conceive of them in your head, but you can account for any number of dimensions, which as some modern string theories often don't stop at just the 10 dimensions.