Operation Divest Myself of Unnecessary Worldy Possessions

September 2007

Operation Divest Myself of Unnecessary Worldy Possessions:

ODMOUWP proceeds roughly according to plan. I have:

  • Replaced my bed with a camp stretcher and
  • Sold my car

Those were the two bulkiest items in my possession. On to smaller stuff now, I guess.

Fraser commented:

Macbook? iPod(s)? ;p

Matt commented:

I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you due to being listening to my iPod.

Julian Wilson commented:

i see where you get your ideas... http://www.oprah.com/tows/pastshows/200702/tows_past_20070207.jhtml

Fraser commented:

"Declutter your home, declutter your life. The cleanup secrets that can help you get organized, lose weight, and even have more sex! "

Angus commented:

Interesting plan.

Your should wikify your remaining possessions so we can all declare dibs upon them :).

Nicholas Buck commented:

Yo Matt! But didn't you get cash in place of bed and car? I think you should change the name from "Operation Divest Myself of Unnecessary Worldy Possessions" to "Operation sell all stuff that weighs more than I do". Ha!

You da man.

KT commented:

What about the couch? Time to replace with folding stools? Or cushions?

Matt commented:

And the refrigerator, yes... but I figure, (a) things common to the flat should be slightly less subject to my capricious whims and (b) they'll be a bit easier to leave or give away when I bail.

Still, cushions and a low table on the floor has always held a certain amount of appeal. Unfortunately, though, I think westerners are pretty ill-adjusted to such arrangements. (Incidentally, one of my dreams if I ever own a house is to have at least one room with no furniture at all.)

Nato commented:

Cushions! Wicked Child! cushions are the work of Belezabub! At our house we sit on a spike!

ah... blackadder...