My New Rule of Television Series

September 2007

My New Rule of Television Series:

You are not allowed to suddenly jump forward seven years when halfway through a series. If you need a seven year gap, and it's not for a brief introduction or conclusion, then finish where you are and start another series, after the gap. And no, a "7 years later…" title does not make it better, it makes it worse.

Can anyone think of any series that should be excepted from this rule?

Chad commented:

The series was Gurren?

Matt commented:

Yup. Grrr.

Christina commented:

If it was only a one-episode story line, it would make sense, but the whole series? Weird.

Unless you're a documentary, like 7-UP (which actually did go in 7-year bursts, but then, it was documenting the lives of a group of kids from various backgrounds, their social environments and how it effected their development and who they become).

Or... yeah, no, it doesn't work. Fiction needs to work on one timeline... oh! Unless you were doing split storylines? One was, say, in 2001 and the other in 2008 and there was this common link? Might not work so well...and I should stop procrastinating :D

Jim commented:

stories with time travel in them