“How a Woman Thinks”

September 2007

“How a Woman Thinks”:

Jerry B. Jenkins sat at a computer and typed these words: “Let me give you an idea how a woman thinks.” And then — inexplicably, unforgiveably — he kept writing. If ever the seas were going to boil, the skies were going to fall and the moon was going to turn to blood, it should have happened then. After 330 pages of sexless machismo, misogyny and madonna/whore stereotypes, Jenkins now announces, in the voice of his madonna-in-training ingenue, that he will now enlighten us as to “How a Woman Thinks.”

Slacktivist, continuing his Left-Behind-a-thon.

(It must be sexism Tuesday.)

Jim Bier commented:

You may be interested to know that long before he ever published the left behind books, the other author, Tim Lahaye and his wife published a book on "the act of marriage".... I think that's actually how he found fame in christian circles