One-line weekend movie reviews

September 2007

One-line weekend movie reviews:

  • Apocalypse Now is bizarre, surreal, unsettling, and quite magnificent. It’s technically a Vietnam war movie, but has a lot of very odd situational humour. Often in battle.

  • A History of Violence is a superb film. It’s also kinda traumatic, and pretty brutal. The violence always has a point (it’s not an action movie) but is still hard to watch. However, fantastic writing and acting, so I’d highly recommend it. Interestingly, the film also favours lots of long moving shots over the usual rapidly-edited fixed shots of most modern cinema.

  • Ichi the Killer is a Japanese cult slasher movie. If Peter Jackson and Quentin Tarantino were to collaborate on the most horrific movie they could come up with, then mix in a fair dollop of Se7en, the resulting movie would still be a children's movie next to this. I can think of only three film moments I have actually been unable to watch: (1) The “ear” torture scene in Reservoir Dogs, (2) the torture of the captured rebel in Pan’s Labyrinth and (3) about half of Ichi.