Horse Power

September 2007

Horse Power:

Social philosopher Lewis Mumford wrote in 1933 of the “religion” of the machine, which for two centuries had driven society “toward mechanical development without regard for the actual outcome of the development in human relations themselves.”

One thing is certain. Horses were not abandoned because they were no longer up to the job.

— Dick Courteau, Horse Power

An interesting read – if I had a farm, I'd like to use horses, I think.

Kelly commented:

...and also using four wheelers leads to back problems in the long term from all the vibrations. Stink.

Fraser commented:

Is it ethical to enslave horses to do our work, or should we pull our own wagons? :p (I guess it depends on how many people you're farming for).

era commented:

My old chem lecturer actually worked out that if everyone used a horse and cart instead of a car that green house gases would be about as bad, if not slightly worse, than they currently are. Just in case you mistakenly thought that horses were green or something :)

Fraser commented:

(Wizard of Oz reference)