Yoga, Thursday 6pm at Govindas (Colombo Street)

August 2007

Yoga, Thursday 6pm at Govindas (Colombo Street). $15 (less for students), with a vegetarian meal afterwards. I will be there; meet me there, or cruise on up to my office before then if you'd like (text me to let you in.)

(They do it Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, so future weeks might be on a different day.)

Fraser commented:

Dude, how sore are you today?! Argh.

Matt commented:

I'm not as sore as I expected, but my shoulders and legs are pretty stiff. I think I was maybe a little too crammed into the corner to get a proper stretching.

Nicholas commented:

Hi Matt. Jody's yogangelism apprears to have worked a treat! Give it a few weeks of regular practice and you'll be levitating with the best of them. Can send you powerpoint yoga too if you like. Cheers, Nick.

Jody commented:

Nick, it all started with you. The gift of yoga is just one of your many contributions to humanity...