(A Foo Fighters post for AJ)

August 2007

(A Foo Fighters post for AJ). Why do UFOs always seem to show up in the good old U.S. of A? A charitable theory could be that they're a Native American (that is, American Indian) phenomenon, but I can't think of any particularly good reasons why that would be the case.

Also, marginally on that topic, why do we consider our governments completely incompetent, except in the realm of keeping bizarrely implausible and hugely significant things secret?

Nato commented:

Perhaps the phenomena that produce UFO sightings are more like to be reported as UFO sightings in north America? Americans are fascinated by aliens in their culture. In other places the phenomena might get attributed to demons spirits, while in others they may just get ignored.

Alternatively, it could be the result of a belief in repressed memories, and various therapies that allow people to access these "memories". I imagine this is more common in America than else.

Not sure how it relates to Foo Fighters?

IDIEEASY commented:

Probably because most people think of governments as Big Fat Liars. So if they lie then they also withhold truths. I'm not in that camp... critisizing the government is so time consuming, I'd rather just get on with it.

Lately working for a government agency, and after hearing the phrase "obviously this stays in the meeting" a few times you starting thinking "holy crap, what else do my bosses not tell me? And how much do they not know?"

They havn't even mentioned aliens yet... thats like a definate confirmation!